About us

We are a community which belongs to the large family of brothers and sisters of St. Francis of Assisi. Our hearts are entrusted with the work of reconciliation. It is the treasure of our charisma, which we shall guard and bring to the people with whom we live and work. 

The service of reconciliation means for us to follow Jesus in his conciliatory sacrifice, especially through our connection with the Holy Eucharist, so that it will penetrate our whole life.

We give all that we receive back to Jesus through the Immaculate Conception:  Our life, our prayers, our works and our joy, but also our pain and suffering. We give all this as an offering to secure holiness for our priests and salvation for humanity. The mystery of the Immaculate Conception encourages us to grow toward the beauty of Our Lady who always took the side of Goodness with her FIAT.

We are active in schools, parishes and charitable services. Our sisters have been active in a mission in Estonia for more than 70 years, where they run a Catholic school.

Our missionary cafe in Olomouc is a way that we can enter into dialogue with other people. Even here we are able to bring PEACE and GOOD, so that they become living reality.

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